Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

Hello, guys..I’m back again with a new drama to talk about stay tuned. Well, Dr. Qin is one of the Chinese drama which  aired on 2016, it’s crime, mystery and suspense . The drama featured three main characters who we follow for 20 episodes for about 30 min each  episode. It was adapted from a novel called The Eleventh Finger  by Qin Ming.

The drama starring Zhang Ruoyun as Dr. Qin – the main medical examiner  , Jiao Junyan as Li Da Bao- the forensic detective who is assigned as Dr.qin’s assistant  and Li Xian as Lin Tao- as the smart police detective.

In the beginning guys, if you are a fan of mysteries and solving clues or like me a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and the amazing Agatha can totally relate.


We first follow Qin Ming (Dr. Qin) as the lead of the story who is smart, tough, workaholic, doesn’t get biased by anyone around’s even a black or white and later on in the drama we get to know him better and will -like me- fall for him. 🙂


Li Da Bao is the new assistant who is going to be assigned to work with Qin. well, first he doesn’t appreciate her because she'[s new and a woman in the forensic field. She gets to make him appreciate her by the very strong of smell that she have and also by the way she looks differently on a case.Actually, later on we got to understand how both of them interact with each other and you see so much the emotions that was there, well, they didn’t say it but it was so obvious.

Lin Tao is the detective who works with Qin and Da Bao. He is smart, funny and he is considered the only friend Qin have. He is the one that spots there is something between the two of them from the way they work together, he even tried to set them up. The three of them really form a good team and very good job at solving cases.


Well, the drama definitely takes you on a whole different level from mystery, that sometimes you are going to compare it with Sherlock Holmes. The drama was very good and it gained over 1.5 billion views since airing , also was ranked as one of the top 10 web dramas at the 2016 ENAwards.

The acting is amazing that actually you can feel the emotions like you are part from it. The scrip writers did a very good job in creating such an amazing drama with suspense element and be also light and comedy too. The music, guys, does a great job in lifting you throw the episode, that makes you feel the situation not just watching it . Overall, I liked the drama very much and i would like a second season so badly and want to see more of Qin and Da Bao, I give it 8 /10 .


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