My first thoughts on ” Do Bong Soon”

Well, the airing of this TV-drama was on 24th of Feb. and now there’s two episodes are out. I was one of the people who waited for this drama because this is the come back of Park Bo Young after ” oh my ghostess”. so, here it goes….

There is some impressions that this could be something like “weightlifting fairy kim bok joo “, but actually within the starting of the first episode we understand the kind of power her family possess and why they got cursed with it. That is good to know from the beginning the origin of the story. Also, we got to know that she is going to help protecting the CEO of a gaming company which she wants to work with, and that in the same time there is a crime happened in the same area she is living and the police getting involved. There is of course the love  triangle which we always find in k-drama, this time it’s a bit funny.

In this drama, you will have the funny moments ( i couldn’t stop laughing), the action parts , the flirting too and of course the good story , i hope you watch it and enjoy it as well.


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