Chinese Drama “Boss & Me”

Chinese drama Boss and me or known as ” Shan Shan comes to eat”. This drama was aired back in 2014 and for it’s success it was aired in America, Russia and Japan. It started with Hans Zhang as the main lead (Feng Teng) with him Zhao Liying as the lead actress as Shan Shan. Their encounter was rather strange as Feng is the heir for a multi-billion international company and Shan is just a country girl who came to the city to work and her fate that she was an employee in his company. Also, was funny the first time they met, when it was in a hospital coz she is simply has the same blood type of his family.

It’s romantic and comedy with a little drama , if you like the stories that takes you into a journey in people’s life then this is for you and you wont regret it. There is the good, fluffy and funny moments and also there’s is the ups and downs that does exists in any relationship. this drama is a bit long it’s 33 episodes. What is different about this drama than any?!…..well, apart from any drama, this is different coz the way two different people come together, face the difficulty of their social, financial and educational differences for love and also it shows you the true meaning of supporting your loved ones and how to be a good partner and finally, you will not – and i grantee it – suffer from the second lead syndrome at all, you will love each and every character in his own role.ss18-24


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